Steps Followed By Sitewyze To Develop Their Websites

Sitewyze is without a doubt the leading website designer, developer and programmer in Edmonton. This is a company that has a heritage spanning to more than 20 years in the IT scene. The company has experienced the traditional websites and seen the revolution that is currently being witnessed. In all these periods, the company has been around and helped design thousands of the websites both locally and internationally. Therefore, having a good understanding of the reason why it is the best web design company is crucial. Apart from having a good experience, the company also combines this with having a good quality design process and being very cost efficient. Hence, the intention of this article is to explain to you some of the key steps that are followed by the company to create their websites.

The first step in the design process is the briefing stage. This is a stage where the client and the company sits down or communicates on the website. The client explains how the website that it requires should be. In addition, the client is able to get some tips from the representative from this client. The client will share a couple of things such as the color scheme of the website and the tools that the website should always have. In addition, the client should state the turnaround which he expects the project back.

After the briefing task, the company will identify the team that will closely work with the project. The company does not let a single individual work on any project. Rather, a team is used as two hands are better than one. Some people are directly involved in the design, while others are directly involved in the programming aspect while others are involved in the content writing for the project. This ensures a seamless performance of the task.

After this is done and the final product is provided, the rigorous process of testing and quality assurance takes place. This is basically the process where the company comes up with a good mechanism to ensure that the website is working very well. It checks on any grammar mistakes as well as on any broken links which could have a negative effect to the website.

After the testing is done, the website is given to the client who is given ample time to go through the product. The client is allowed to return the product for any revisions and improvements.